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Can a Crossbite Be Fixed with Veneers?

March 29, 2022 8:16 pm

What is a Crossbite?

A crossbite is an alignment issue, also known as a malocclusion. In this instance, the top and bottom teeth do not align properly. There are two types of crossbites. An anterior crossbite and a posterior crossbite. The difference between the two has to do with the teeth that are involved, and how they are positioned. Crossbites are common, and the cause can range from genetics, to a habit like thumb-sucking as a child.

Can a Crossbite Be Fixed With Veneers

Depending on the situation and the severity of the crossbite, veneers may be able to fix the misalignment issues. Veneers are a cosmetic procedure in which thin shells of porcelain are custom-made to fit right over the natural tooth. The procedure involves removing a thin layer of enamel from the surface of the tooth, and is therefore a permanent procedure. Veneers are capable of addressing crossbites in adults with very mild misalignment. An added benefit to choosing veneers, is that they improve the look of the smile. Veneers can cover teeth that are misshapen or discolored.

Other Solutions for Crossbites

While veneers are an amazing cosmetic procedure, they probably won’t be the best way to address most crossbites. It is ideal to correct a crossbite early, so as to avoid jaw issues in the future. Braces and/or clear aligners are typically the way to do that, especially in children and teens. In more severe instances, palate expanders, head gear, and even jaw surgery may be necessary. Dental Solutions of Central Park offers Invisalign® clear aligners which can fix some crossbites. Visit our team for a consultation to see if we can fix yours.

Porcelain Veneers in Aurora, CO

Veneers can make a big difference on a variety of different smiles. Ready to take yours to the next level? Book a consultation for veneers or another cosmetic solution with us here at Dental Solutions of Central Park by giving our office a call or clicking the contact link.

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