Tooth Extraction in Aurora, CO

Tooth extraction is necessary at times to keep your smile healthy and your teeth functional. At Dental Solutions of Central Park in Aurora, CO tooth extraction is part of our daily routine! Our team performs gentle dental extractions that can resolve tooth pain, prevent further tooth decay, and more. Reach out to our office if you think you need a dental extraction or schedule your affordable dental extraction today.

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How do I know if I need a tooth extraction?

While maintaining and saving your natural teeth is highly desirable, at times, it may be necessary to get a tooth extraction. But if you experience tooth pain, it might not always be necessary. You will know a tooth extraction is likely needed if your tooth pain becomes a severe problem. This could be a constant toothache, overcrowding of teeth, or other severe tooth pain that can lead to an infection and interfere with daily activities.

What solutions are available before a tooth extraction?

Tooth extractions aren’t a favorable option for many. But there are a few options that might be able to reduce your chances of getting a tooth extraction. One solution is to get a root canal. This solution may be an option for you when you only experience tooth pain when your tooth comes in contact with hot or cold food and drinks. When you come in for your affordable dental extraction, our dentist would be happy to go over further and personal treatment options with you.

What is the aftercare for an extraction?

Aftercare for dental extraction is important to follow to avoid any more tooth pain and prevent infection. After getting a dental extraction, you should take proper care by keeping the extracted area clean. To keep it clean, you should change the gauzes and continue to brush and floss your teeth softly. Avoid drinking from straws as this can dislodge the clot that forms in the socket. Eating soft foods until the area heals is also recommended. After you get your dental extraction with us, our dentist will provide you with personal aftercare instructions.