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Severe Dental Pain: Emergency Dentist Near Me

August 26, 2021 11:16 pm

When everything is going well, we don’t really notice any particular sensations in our teeth. But when something happens and we feel a sharp toothache, it can throw a wrench in our whole day. If you’re experiencing severe dental pain, it’s important to see a nearby emergency dentist so the problem can be resolved as soon as possible. After all, you definitely don’t want that pain, or the problem, to get any worse.

Causes of Severe Dental Pain

The tricky thing about dental pain is that it can be caused by a variety of problems. These are some of the most common causes.

  • Dental abscess/infection
  • Tooth decay/cavities
  • Fractured tooth
  • Damaged filling
  • Gum disease
  • Bruxism/nighttime grinding

On top of that, severe dental pain might not crop up alone. It can bring some unwanted friends along with it, including swelling, fever, and a foul mouth odor.

How an Emergency Dentist Can Help

Many times, if not most of the time, it’s difficult to tell what’s causing dental pain without a trained eye and the proper diagnostic equipment. Since there are so many different things that can actually cause the discomfort, it’s in your best interest to see an emergency dentist. They’ll know what to look for and how to look for it. Once the cause is determined, treatment can start.

Our Emergency Dental Services

At Dental Solutions of Central Park, we are proud to provide effective emergency dentistry to our Aurora community. We know you may be totally stressed when an unexpected dental emergency falls in your lap, but your health is in good hands with our expert team. When it comes to dental emergencies, it’s all about acting fast. Don’t let any more time slip away. Call us today to get the urgent care you need to protect your smile!

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